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Wise Exhibition to Hold China's Biggest Rare-earth Industry Expo

Shenzhen(China) International Rare Earth Materials & Application Industry Exhibition ( referred as "RE Expo" in this article) was officially commenced by Wise Exhibition Co.,Ltd. in September,2012.

Sponsored by relevant government departments of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Rare Earth Industry Group (Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co.,Ltd.), RE Expo is due to be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre on 26-28th June, 2013, which will be China's only trade fair for the entire rare earth materials and application sectors.

                                                          Rare Earth Elements

China is the world's largest country to produce, export and apply rare earth. As an important strategic resource, rare earth has been widely used in many technical fields of national economy and national defense construction, making significant contributions to the development of national economy and high-tech industry.

In this circumstances, Chinese government strives to develop rare-earth based new materials and high-end application products, continually granting a series of favorable policies and fund support to the relevant enterprises, associations and institutes during the 2011-2015 period, in an effort to actively promote the development of rare earth S&T and boost Chinese manufacturer's capacity.

As the most important manufacturing center in China, Guangdong Province maintains strong capacity of rare-earth mining, smelting and separation and its luminescent and hydrogen storage materials are occupying the leading position in China as well.Guangdong Province is committed to making full use of its rare earth resources to expand the industrial scale of new materials made from rare earth, and to promote the development of application-related industries such as electronic products, semiconductor lighting, hybrid vehicles,etc.

Established in Guangdong province, Wise Exhibition Co.,Ltd has been engaged in organizing and co-organizing domestic and international exhibitions involving various industrial sectors such as magnetic materials, permanent magnet motors, and other rare-earth based application trade shows since 2000. As a full member of UFI(The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), Wise Exhibition has competitive advantages in visitor organization, on-site service and media promotion, besides its specialization and internationalization, which surely will help boost this newly launched expo in 2013.


RE Expo China 2013 aims to provide suppliers and manufacturers with a platform to gain information, business opportunities and increase brand value, as well as offering traders and buyers with a comprehensive category of products and services. Estimated 200+ leading domestic and overseas enterprises are to participate with a great mix of exhibits include new rare-earth materials and high-end application products.Nearly 30,000 visitors from China and abroad are expected to come and visit, including terminal users such as wind power generation,home appliance,electronic products, vehicle production enterprises,etc.

The 3rdInternational Rare Earth Industry Summit will be held concurrently by Shanghai CBI Events Co.,Ltd. Wise Exhibitions has arranged a series of supporting programs such as technology forums, quality global sourcing and match-making seminars,etc.

The 17th Industrial Control & Automation Exhibition for South China,the 11th International Small Motor & Electric Machinery Exhibition and Magnetic Materials & Equipments Exhibition are co-located with RE Expo on 26-28th June, 2013.

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