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Staff Recruitment:
Sales representatives

Requirement: male with high school education or over, good computer skills, typing speed:40 words or over per minute; one year or over telephone sales experience, good communication and expression ability; hardworking with strong responsibility. Those who have working experience in exhibitions, advertising or cultual transmission industry have preference.

Marketing Manager

Requirements: college degree or over, good computer skills, good communication and working ability

Responsibilities: marketing and promotion for the company projects, coordinating the relationship between government departments, associations and media; company image advertising; those who have working experience in foreign exhibition companies are preferred.

Overseas sales manager

Requirements: B.A. Above bachelor degree, Band-8 English certificate, fluent spoken English, applicants with foreign trade experience over 2 years are preferred.

Responsibilities: liasion and service for the foreign clients

Assistant of the GE

Requirements: people under 35, college degree or over, with three years working experience, good communication and working skills

Responsibilities: assistant of the GE for daily management and coordinations in all departments; applicants with overseas exhibition experience are preferred. 

HR Tel: +86-20-29193598  +86-20-29193588

Contact : Miss Wu


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