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Development of Exhibition Industry in Guangzhou Haizhu District

Guangzhou Haizhu District has become a concentrated and active exhibition center after Pazhou Pavillion becomes the main body of Chinese Canton Fair. The quality and quantity of its exhibitions are listed the best in China and it also gains more and more international reputation. In 2008, Haizhu District was named as a Famous Chinese Exhibition Zone by China Exhibition Research Association.

Enlarged exhibition complex
The construction area of Pazhou Exhibition complex reaches 1.49 million square meters, involving the Axis Centre, Baoli World-trade Expo, and Guangzhou International Purchasing Centre, etc. The exhibition area reaches 30,000 square meters. At present, Nanfung International convention and exhibition center is under construction to become a new strength of Pazhou Complex.

Enhanced exhibition brands
From 2007 to 2010, exhibitions held in Pazhou were 44, 58, 99 and 116 respectively with 38.1% average growth; exhibition areas were 3.5 million square meters, 3.916 million, 4.981 million and 5.35 million respectively, 15.2% annual growth. In 2011, exhibitions held in Pazhou were 117 from January to October with 6.108 million square meters, growing 23.2% and 21.8% respectively. Great-sized exhibitions play important role in China; 12 exhibitions’ area are over 100, 000 square meters, about one fourth in China.

Concentrated Exhibition Industry
As the improvement of Pazhou’s exhibition facilities and policies in Haizhu District, it attracts many international famous exhibition industries such as Messe München GmbH, Taiwan Accordance Conference Consultant Company and other famous enterprises in HK, Macao and other countries. Their cooperation quickened the steps of Haizhu District. To September 2011, 1624 exhibition industries are accounted in Haizhu District.

Updated facilities
The comprehensive service in Pazhou District are greatly updated with the help of exhibition industry development, which also improves exhibition facilities such as Guangzhou Baoli International Plaza, Zhongzhou Centre that provides one-stop service of accomodation, exhibition and commerce, Shangrila Hotel and Westin Hotel, etc. Other exhibition facilities are also available, high-quality commerce centres like Baoli World Trade Centre, Nanfung International convention and exhibition center, La Vendome World Exhibition and Trade Centre and five-star hotels like InterContinental Hotel Group and Langham Hotel.
Next, according to the requirement of the municipal government to construct a first-rate international exhibition and trade centre, Haizhu District will focus on construction of Pazhou’s as an international exhibition centre, a general economic center and tourism and culture centre to make Pazhou the world trade gateway, the example of cultural city worldwide and an up-graded industry zone. The layout of the exhibition industry and related service will be updated to make Pazhou an International Exhibition Centre.

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