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WISE’s president Zhangzhi participated the 7th China International
Exhibition Culture Festival

The China International Exhibition Culture Festival was co-held by the people’s government of Zhenzhou and China Exhibition Magazine in July 22nd-25th in Zhenzhou. As a Guangzhou exhibition organizer, WISE’s president Zhangzhi participated it. The first China International Exhibition Culture Festival was held in Zhenzhou in July, 2005 in Zhenzhou. The next 6 expos were held in Changchun, Shenzhen, Changsha, Chengdu and Yiwu respectively. 

President Zhangzhi grasped new development trend in exhibition industry through deep communications with many exhibition experts and professionals such as Mr. Wujianming, the former China’s ambassador in France and the chairman of the International Exhibition Bureau, Mr. Yuanzaiqin, the chairman of China Exhibition Research Association, Mr. Chenzeyan, the secretary general, Mr. Liaojun, chairman of Singapore Exhibition Association and chairman of Asian Exhibition and Conference Association, Mr. Chenxianjin, selected chairman of UFI, Weijianguo, former minister of China Commerce Ministry and secretary general of China International Economic Technology Communication Center and Mr. Niwei, president of China Exhibition Magazine. Communications with exhibition salesmen and service agency in Wuhan, Chongqing, Macao and Zhenzhou were also on the way.


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